Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Body...

I know I don't take the time to tell you how I feel or what I think.  I'm usually complaining about you or wishing you would work better, feel better.  I know, and I'm sorry.  I realize my silence doesn't help matters, so here's what I want you to know.

Thank you for not giving up on me.  Thank you for not throwing in the towel when things were at their worst.  Thank you for getting up every morning, even when it hurts, and for getting me through the day, even when you've had enough. You are more resilient than I give you credit for.  You are stronger than I expected and withstand more than you deserve. 

I know you're trying to tell me something.  You get inflamed and attack yourself and I just don't know why.  Please be patient.  I'm trying to figure you out.  I know the diagnosis must be frustrating for you.  While the shots are helping you move and making you feel better, we're still not addressing the underlying cause of your pain. Please know that I'm trying and that I won't rest until you're made whole again.  

Thank you for teaching me that it all matters:  what I put in my mouth, what I allow in my head, what I feel in my heart - the choices I make all day, everyday, to help you be strong and thrive.  I understand that sometimes you need me to just slow down and breathe.  Thank you for teaching me that you are not disconnected from my spirit or my mind; neglecting one affects the others.  

So there it is.  I am amazed by you.  God knit you together and then breathed life, purpose and vision into you.  I will be thankful for you all the days of my life.  

With Love and Gratitude, 


  1. Dear Body, Sorry that I allow my taste buds to dictate the crap that I feed you. Sorry for my consumption of Coke. Sorry that I don't give you much exercise. Please don't give up on me yet.
    p.s. do you mind if I get another tattoo?

  2. Dear Jason,

    Your taste buds can learn to LOVE broccoli, so that's no excuse. Water will leave you with more money in your wallet (I know you love to save). And exercise, well, you better get in shape to keep up with those 2 (3) beauties of yours. Oh, and as for the tatoo, I vote YES!!!


  3. Seriously, you are such a talented writer. Dear body, thank you for giving me my two babies!

  4. Jamie: Oh yes, thank you for my two babies, too. There is nothing more amazing!

  5. Can I thank the disease that's in that body for giving me Kim?

    For those of you how might not understand what I'm trying to say... I met Kim because our bodies both face the challenges of the same disease and without that part of our lives a woman from Hawaii and a woman from Colorado would have never crossed paths. I'd say there is grace that works in our lives - good that comes from bad. For that I am awed and grateful.

  6. I like broccoli, especially sauteed in butter with lots of melted cheese!! haha. I know, I know. I do love to save. And I like water too. I just need to avoid situations of coke encounters. YES! My two year old is an exercise program on her own! I've been trying to get her to exercise with me. She picks up the 5 pound dumbbells and says, "1...2..." with a strenuous face. AS for the tattoo, thanks for the affirmation! As soon as I find the extra money it's on! haha. Blessings to you Kim! Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. Jenna,

    Yes, so thankful that our paths crossed. Another reminder that there can be purpose even through pain. Thank you body for new friendships.