Monday, August 20, 2012

A Tale of Two Structures

For the last several months my daughter has been fascinated by the house being built down the street.  She always make me slow down as we drive by so she can check on the progress. Yesterday, as we drove by once again, we had a conversation that really struck me.

Mom, the house is happening so fast now.  They took forever and ever doing the floor.  Now the bedrooms are so quick.  It's finally starting to look like a real house.

Forever and ever doing the floor.   

I explained to her how important that "floor" really is, how the builders need to spend a lot of time making sure there is a strong, solid foundation.

She nodded her head, gazed out the window, quiet.

Then came the next question.

What happens if they don't make a strong floor?

I thought for a second, not wanting to give her nightmares of collapsing buildings.

Well, honey, if the floor isn't strong, the rest of the house won't be strong either.  It wouldn't be safe to live in.  

She nods again.

I'm sure glad we have strong floors, mama.  

Me too, baby, me too.  

Her attention turns to her sister as they start to sing Old MacDonald.

I, on the other hand, keep thinking about "floors".

Just last week, I heard about a half-billion dollar hotel in Las Vegas that was built but never opened because of serious construction defects.  Inspectors noted that the building would likely collapse in a major earthquake.  After millions of dollars and months of litigation, a Nevada state judge recently gave the go-ahead to implode the building.

What happens if they don't make a strong floor?

Shiny and beautiful on the outside, the entire project will soon turn to dust.

But isn't it the truth?  When it's all said and done, no matter how things look on the outside, your foundation is what keeps you standing.  I'm thankful my four-year-old reminded me where I need to spend my time.  When my floor - my family, my faith and my health - is taken care of, everything else works out.  I'm strong and can take on everything else.

And unlike the Las Vegas hotel that awaits its fate, you and I can always go back and strengthen our foundation.  Why wait for a collapse or implosion?  We can do something today to make sure we have a strong tomorrow.  Whether it's spending quality time with your family or making changes to your diet and lifestyle, check your floor and see how it passes inspection.  The rest of your house will thank you.

With love,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday - STRETCH

It has been far too long.  But this morning, I'm joining Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday.  This is when we stop, drop and write.  No editing or over thinking, just five sweet minutes to write for the love of writing.  Today she asks us to give our best five minutes on:    

S  T  R  E  T  C  H



It's funny how a simple word can take on such new meaning at different points of our life.  This word brings up all sorts of emotions for me. This time last year, being able to stretch was a daily goal.  Between regular physical therapy sessions, yoga for arthritis classes and daily exercise, I worked hard at maintaining my ability to stretch.  It wasn't that long ago when simply bending down to touch my toes got a standing ovation from my rheumatologist.  Every morning, alone in the bathroom, I made it a point to reach for the ceiling - as high as I could, pulling, stretching, straightening out my spine.  It hurt.  Hard to breathe.  So much work.  Just to stretch.  

But what was the alternative?  

Weakness.  Pain.  Inability.  

Today, while I still stretch to maintain strength, flexibility and range of motion, life is stretching. 

The goal is no longer just stretching my limbs, but stretching my vision - leadership, passion, faith. Stretching, reaching - out of my comfort zone and into places I never imagined - because there is no alternative.  


Hugs and Health, 

Five Minute Friday