Monday, November 7, 2011

Create Jobs for USA

You don't have to look hard to find it:  "for lease" signs on the windows of once flourishing businesses, parks and squares occupied by frustrated citizens, foreclosure notices on your neighbor's front door - signs of a wounded economy, signs that something needs to happen.

I have no interest in a political debate.  I have no interest in pointing fingers, finding fault and placing blame.  I am more interested in solutions and being part of them.

The truth is, regardless of how you have been affected, the economy remains top of mind for most Americans.   For me, mounting medical bills (with the majority being covered by insurance) and $2400/month medication (also covered by insurance) keeps me thankful, yet vigilant.  

Recently I joined the BlogHer Publishing Network, a community of women bloggers who write on topics from politics to parenting in an atmosphere of integrity and respect.  Last week, BlogHer announced that they are partnering with Starbucks and Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) to get the word out on an amazing initiative:  Create Jobs for USA.

Starbucks and OFN recognize that small businesses are still the backbone of America.  Yet, the spiraling economy and credit crisis has stifled the growth of these businesses.  As long as small businesses remain at a standstill, so will our nation's economy.  Create Jobs for USA is not waiting for Washington.  They are not wasting time complaining and pointing fingers.

OFN is a network of lending institutions that invest in community businesses, focusing on opportunities that benefit low-income, low-wealth and other disadvantaged communities across the U.S.

And regardless of what you think about Starbucks (their coffee or their corporate presence) they have contributed 5 million dollars to seed the Create Jobs for USA fund.  Five million dollars that will provide loans to underserved community businesses, including small businesses, microenterprises, nonprofit organizations, commercial real estate and affordable housing.  The goal is to create and sustain jobs throughout the U.S.  Now how can you argue with that?

To learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved, check out Create Jobs for USA.


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  1. bring people and communities together to create and sustain jobs throughout America.