Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Oh, it's so good to be back - on the blog, that is.  My family and I just got back from visiting friends and family in Hawaii.  We celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday and my 36th (more on that later).  It was an amazing trip, simply amazing. I did, however, have blog withdrawals and quickly realized it's time to get one of those gadgets with a fruit on the front in order to stay connected while on the go (my hand cramps up after a long text message so I was not about to write a post on my Blackberry).  Anyway, I have a million words in my head and on my heart to share with you all.  I'll break them up so as not to overwhelm you so please stay tuned.  I look forward to hearing from you all as well.

Good to be home...


  1. Welcome back!! I missed you & your posts. So glad you were able to get away.

  2. Thank you! It was just what we needed.