Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Choosing Joy and Leaving it All Behind

Sweet Sara
- photo by gitzengirl.blogspot.com

Sara passed away on Saturday night.  My heart dropped when I read the news.  I guess there was a little part of me that held out for a miracle, a big miracle.  But that was selfish.  She was ready to go.  She was ready to be free, to soar, to dance again, to meet her Maker.  And from what I can tell, besides a beautiful legacy, she left nothing behind.  No words unsaid, no gifts unused, no love denied.  She gave it all away - all of it, and in the end, she was at peace.

It's amazing really, to leave it all behind, to not take anything with you.  While I'm not thinking about the end of my life, I have begun to ask myself at the end of every day:

Did I say the words I needed to say?

Did I love the best way I know how?

Did I give all that I had to give?

Did I choose joy?

Was I present? sincere? compassionate?

If the answer is yes, somehow, I fall more peacefully to sleep.  If the answer is no, I know that tomorrow is a new day, a new chance, and for that, I am thankful.

Choosing Joy,


  1. So beautiful and so much truth here. Thank you for articulating this so well.

  2. So beautiful.
    Have you heard of the book "1,000 Gifts" by Ann Voskamp? It is about choosing joy and I think you would really love it-and Sara would have too.

  3. I just got Ann's book for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I've only read the first two chapters but I'm already amazed.

    Thank you for reading (and commenting).


  4. Very convicting questions, especially after dealing with the "terrible two's" this morning. Thanks for helping me keep perspective.