Friday, January 20, 2012

Running in the Rain

There's a woman who lives in my neighborhood.

She runs.

Almost every day.  

Pushing that jogging stroller with a little one in tow.

She runs in the heat of summer, child shielded from the sun with water bottle in hand.

She runs in the cold of winter, child bundled warm and toasty enjoying the ride.

Yesterday, as I drove home, annoyed that I got soaked during the 20 feet I had to run from my car to the store, I saw her running yet again.

It. Was. Pouring.

And there she was.


The jogging stroller was decked out with one of those super deluxe water-proof coverings that you would only buy if you live (and run) in the Pacific Northwest.

As for the woman, not only was she running, she was smiling.

I'll admit, my first thought was, "she's nuts."  But then, it hit me.

She has run with the seasons.

She has adjusted.

She has embraced.

She doesn't wait for the weather to be perfect -

for sunnier days, with light winds and intermittent puffy white clouds.

She is running - with a smile on her face.

I love that.

And while I may not be joining her on her daily runs anytime soon, I will run my own race. Today, tomorrow and every day after that.  And that alone is reason enough to put a smile on my face.

Through rain and shine,


  1. I love that!! And what great perspective to apply to your own life…SO cool.
    Thanks! Assuming you've had some snow recently? Hope its been good fun for the family!
    Aloha to you!

  2. This was a really inspiring post - if only conditions could always be perfect : ) but I guess her conditions are pretty awesome on the inside! Sure wish I could be like that!!!!!!

  3. You make me see everything in a different way. A better way. I want to thank you for that. You are kinda like my reality check. :o)

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. The best thing we can do is to find a reason to keep smiling, regardless of the circumstances.

  5. Last night in Bible study we were discussing the image of rain in the Bible. Jesus says, WHEN it rains, not IF it rains. One of my members said, "I remember seeing this lady one day walking in the rain. She was a tall beautiful lady and she was walking so elegantly and poised through the rain as though it were not raining at all. I thought to myself of how I get frantic and cover my head and run for cover." She said, "I told myself, I want to learn to walk elegantly through the rain."