Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcoming Fall

Inhale, one, two.  Exhale, three, four, five, six.  

That's how I feel.  Like I am able to breathe.  


Over and over again.  

I find the seasons fascinating. On one hand, I feel like we got a little ripped off because summer really didn't start until August around here.  But still, just when I start to feel a bit frazzled, a bit overwhelmed from the non-stop action, the leaves start to change, the air gets cooler, the days shorter and life, well... somehow life seems to slow down a bit.  There's something about fall.  A sort of permission to pause for a second and breathe, reflect, renew.  

Last fall was a blur.  In fact, it was exactly this time last year when I realized something was definitely not right.  It was the first week in October and both my sister and mother-in-law were in town to visit.  I was laying on the ground and I couldn't get up.  When I finally got up, I couldn't move because my back would cramp up.  I sort of laughed about it because it was so ridiculous.  I joked about how crappy c-section recovery was, but my gut was telling me something was not right.  

I hardly left the house.  When I did go for a drive I focused more on the bumps in the road that would leave me wincing in pain.   I remember the leaves changing color, the streets being lit up with incredible red, yellow, or orange.  It was beautiful, but really, I just wanted to get back home, put on my sweats, and try to get comfortable.  I remember feeling a little angry at the time.  I love fall.  I wanted to go out and enjoy it.  Instead, I observed - at a distance.  

This year, I am reclaiming fall.

I will watch the changing colors.  

I will sip pumpkin spice lattes.

I will make squash soup, stews and stir-fries.  

I will dress up for Halloween.

I will walk on the crunchy leaves, maybe even roll around in them. 

I will bake everything apple.  

I will rake my yard.

I will turn my home into an oasis of coziness and inspiration.  

I will watch football.  

I will give thanks.  

I will wear sweaters, scarves and boots.  

I will accept the change.  

Because really, every season has something to offer, and I for one don't want to miss any of it.  

Peace and Pumpkins, 


  1. I want real seasons! Scott and I went to Boston inthe fall and walden pond and it was magical, like finding never never land and tinkerbel. Cant wait to visit you one day

  2. Beautiful! I have been a little trapped inside recovering and not able to fully get out and enjoy, but I am working on it as I want to enjoy and partake as well! I can sense the authentic way you want to experience the seasons!

  3. Vicky:

    Hoping your recovery is going well. Thinking of you...


  4. Peace and Pumpkins, there is a bumper sticker I would support.

  5. Excellent. Although CA had more subtle seasonal changes it was more that we have hear in Hawaii and I kind of miss it.