Monday, July 11, 2011

My Happy Place

I used to go to the ocean to hear myself think, to quiet myself, to listen.  Now I go to my garden.  

Instead of buying me flowers, my husband builds me "cages" and plants cucumbers for my green juice.  Now that's love.  

Watching your garden grow is really pretty amazing.  One day there's nothing but leaves, the next day there are little tomatoes sprouting up everywhere.

Slowly expanding and taking over our once flawless (but useless) yard.

Remember our little sugar snap peas that we planted back in April?  Look at her now.  Sweet and crunchy right off the vine.  

Bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini

You never know what might bring you joy in life.  Our garden lets me breathe, think, pray.  I am so thankful.

Where is your happy place?


  1. Awesome. Don't the birds get to the veggies? Our tomatoes got attacked. What's the secret?

  2. Is it hard to grow the sugar snap peas? Are you growing string beans? Was wondering if it is even worth trying to plant and grow our own since I don't really have a green thumb. LOL! <3, Rob

  3. It looks awesome! It is funny how we also grow. My happy place used to be Neiman Marcus (the espresso bar had the best pear tart). Now it's Whole Foods (since I don't have a food garden). I could spend hours there.

  4. J: Not sure what the secret is yet. I'll let you know.

    Rob: We planted the sugar snap peas in a pot and haven't done anything since, except water. Easy!! And so good :)

    DB: We grow, too, that's for sure. Hopefully we can hang out at Whole Foods one of these days.

  5. My happy place.... oh that is such a wonderful question. I have a few.. and thank you for reminding me about them. 1. The first breathe when I crawl into bed and snuggle in. 2. When my kids allow me to lay next to them, kiss their cheek long, and I inhale and smell them (that sounds kinda grose though) and I usually have to do this when they are totally asleep. 3. When I arrive to work at the Sheraton and get my first peak at Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. 4. When I get to spend sweet time with any of my love bugs, hold them, love them squeeze them, (I smell them too), and just enjoy the small moment I have with them. 5. Anytime I get to have a heart to heart with anyone. Especially my husband or children. Thank you Kim for reminding me that I am very blessed to have all these happy moments in my life.