Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dealing with Disappointment

My appointment at OHSU didn't go as I hoped. Nothing bad, nothing good, just a lot of getting nowhere. Fortunately, our computer had a virus so I've been internetless for most of the week, otherwise you would have heard my complaining fresh off the press. It has been frustrating to say the least.

So what did I do? How did I deal with the disappointment? Well, I did what any self-respecting woman in her mid-30s dealing with a hovering medical conundrum would do. I sang karaoke. Oh yes, and this was no comfy private karaoke room with 15 of your closest friends kind of karaoke like I'm used to back home. This was straight up college town, college bar, pick your poison and get up in front and saaang kind of karaoke. Ahhh, there's nothing a little Dancing Queen can't cure. And as for my audience, I was roller skating to Abba before they were even born, so who cares. It was fun.


  1. Just a Gigolo is my guilty pleasure in karaoke. hahaha!

  2. hilarious! Reminds me of a certain night in Orange County..... El Torito Grill ring a bell?

  3. J: A little David Lee Roth never hurt anyone. I remember watching that music video like it was yesterday.

    Lin: Madonna and Margaritas is always a good combo. Come on, I know you want to go with me again.