Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogging 101

Time out. Okay, I've gotten quite a few emails and phone calls from people saying that they've been unable to leave comments on the blog. Let's see if we can fix that because I love comments. They make me feel like I'm not talking to myself and I love to hear what you have to say :)

So there's a couple ways you can do it.

- You can sign up as a "Follower" (sorry, I don't really like that term but it's a blog thing. basically it just means that you're reading the blog and want to be friends. it's all good.) On the right side bar, just click "Follow". From there it will ask you to sign in using an account you already have (either Google, Twitter or Yahoo). If you don't have one of these accounts then you can go to the bottom of that screen and click on "Create a New Google Account". It will ask you for your email address and you'll create a password. That's it. Once you become a follower, you can sign in to the blog (top right corner). When you want to post a comment you'll already be signed in under your name.

- The other option is to leave an anonymous comment. You can still sign your name to the comment but you don't have to jump through the hoop of becoming a follower. In that case, just go the comment section and under "comment as" select "anonymous".

That pretty much does it for leaving comments.

One more thing. If you don't want to check the blog all the time but do want to read new posts, you can sign up for an email notification. We'll send you an email whenever there's a new post and you can always unsubscribe if you get sick of me. :) On the right side bar, go to "Follow by Email", type in your email address and hit "submit".

If you want to leave a private message or have a question or comment you would rather not post, you can email me at

Thank you again for reading. Our time is precious so I thank you for choosing to spend some of it with me.


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