Tuesday, September 4, 2012

36 while 36 - revisited

A friend emailed me the other day asking me how I'm doing on my list.  I had no idea what she was talking about.

Your list.  You know?  The one.  The list of things you were going to do this year.


I forgot about the list.

And 37 is just a couple weeks away.

I'll admit, I had to laugh a little when I read it again.  Most of the things I did this year weren't even on the list.  Just never know where life is going to take you.   Let's revisit...

  • Paint something (I'm terrified of art and not very good at it - so I need to try:  a canvas, a table, a wall, something, anything.)  Hmmmm... does watercolor during arts and crafts count?  Yes.  I say it does.  I'm crossing this one off.  
  • Dust off my guitar and play again (it may only be for 10 minutes at a time but that's better than nothing).  Took it out a few times.  Not enough to build up any callouses though.  Thus, the dust collection.     
  • Go country line dancing.  That would have been fun.  
  • Write letters to old friends and mail it (like with a stamp).  Yes!  This, I did - and will continue to do.  
  • Play in a poker tournament.  Nope.  I even went to Las Vegas last month, but for very different reasons.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm down for some Texas hold'em any day.  
  • Plant a tree (or two).  I'm not 37 yet.  This will happen.  :)  
  • Write - my story.  Okay, well I guess I sort of am - maybe that's what this is all about.  
  • Eat at new restaurants.  Easy one.  
  • Drink hot chai tea in the snow.   Check!  
  • Pick apples.  Barrels and barrels of them.  
  • Write a song (and sing it).   Ha! 
  • Allow spontaneity.  Yes, and this came in the form of choosing fun over laundry, last minute road trips over summer house projects.  Lesson:  there are a lot of things in life that really can wait.  
  • Raise awareness for AS.   I guess in my own way I have.  This one will be a process.  
  • Laugh at myself.  :)  
  • Create irresistible vegetarian meals.  It may depend on who you ask.  
  • Refurbish some furniture.  I'm over it.  
  • Write - something to be published.   To be determined...  
  • Wear more colors.  Sure did.  
  • Sing (either in a microphone or in the shower - just sing) Nothing beats singing with my girls.  Nothing.  
  • Become a better gardener.  Let's face it, my husband grows the food.  I pick them and eat them.  It's a good arrangement.  
  • Pray without ceasing (and believe without ceasing).  Still believing...
  • Listen to live jazz as often as possible.  Not even once. Just a lot of Coltrane on Pandora.  
  • Stomp on grapes at a vineyard.  Yes!  It's on the calendar for later this month.  Can't wait.  
  • Write - a song.  Oh my, apparently I was really into writing last year.  Sorry, no songs here. 
  • Make jam (or jelly - I don't really know the difference).  I'm not doing so hot on this list.  
  • Learn how to knit (or crochet - whichever is easier on my hands)  No, my but 4-year-old daughter did.  Does that count?  
  • Embrace the rain - walk in it, play in it, splash in it, LIVE in it.  YES! 
  • Make pumpkin pie out of the pumpkins in our garden.  Not exactly. I used the pumpkin in my smoothies instead.  Delish!  
  • Dance in a flash mob (seriously, if anybody knows how I can go about doing this, please let me know.  this is a non-negotiable, must-do!!).   I'm still looking for one!  One of these days...
  • Read poems to my children.  Love.  
  • Stay in a cabin in the snow - embrace winter!  Giving myself 1/2 point for this one.  
  • Be kind to myself - set lofty goals, but allow myself time to get there.  Who would have thought that this vague point would end up taking up most of my year.  
  • Take water aerobics.  Taking my 2 kids to the pool should count for this one.  I'm crossing it off.  
  • Go snow sledding!  YES!  
  • Walk in a "Race for the Cure"   I was out of town.  Next year...
  • Choose joy - because each day is a gift and I won't take a single one for granted.  YES! YES! and YES!  

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    A year ago when I wrote that list I had no idea what 36 would hold.  I never would have thought it would look a little more like this:

    - Start a health and wellness business.  
    - Decrease medication by 75%!!  
    - Travel to other states helping others build their own businesses and have so much FUN doing it.  
    - Take the girls to Disneyland.
    - Spend one month in Hawaii.
    - Become stronger, healthier and more determined than ever.

    I'll have to spend some time in the next couple of weeks thinking about where I want to be when thirty-eight  rolls around. Be careful what you hope for, having a vision is a powerful thing.

    To living life,

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