Thursday, December 15, 2011

When Less is More

Confession:  I have completely neglected my blog recently.  Normally, I would be okay with this but there was so much I wanted to say and share during this season of Advent.  Instead of feeling like a failure and regretting the last two weeks, let's just start right now.

We started talking about Advent Conspiracy back in November.  At its core, the Advent Conspiracy is a movement to bring back the miracle of Christmas.  The concept is simple: worship fully, spend less, give more, love all.  And with that, we bring meaning back to Christmas.  I mean, underneath all those bows and ribbons, isn't that we really want?  Meaning.

The last two weeks I've been completely consumed preoccupied with getting a job.  Ah, yes, this mama is back on the jay-oh-bee hunt.  I was so close to something I thought would be perfect (that's another post for another time). Well, it didn't work out and we all know how the saying goes:  when one door closes...  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I really, reallllly don't want to hear it. I'm just trying to say that my energy has been elsewhere, at least until yesterday.  This morning I woke up, looked at the calendar and thought, "Oh crap, it's December 15th!  10 days until Christmas!" A moment of panic came over me as I whipped out my list and started to sketch out my plan. Then that little voice whispered, "Um... Kim, weren't you just writing about worshipping fully, spending less, giving more and loving all?  Why are you in such a panic?"  (That voice can be so annoying sometimes.)   I'll be the first to admit - rethinking Christmas is not easy. Still, the words echo in my ear.

Give. More.

More time, presence, memories, more of myself.

I revisited my list.  Thought about what I could give, how I could give.  

And that changed me.

The day was still busy, crazy actually, but it was good.  Giving is good.

The idea of spending less and giving more is not so much about money as it is about time, togetherness, life.  Remember back in elementary school when we'd make gifts for our parents? The "coupon book" comes to mind (actually I may have given a coupon book or two back in my broke college days).  A car wash, a foot massage, a picnic at the park, a movie night, a hug. All without expiration and redeemable at any time.  I love that.

Back in February when I was in the hospital undergoing multiple tests and biopsies, all I could think about were moments.  I wanted more.  I wanted nothing but moments:  reading stories to my girls, playing in the snow, singing in the car, swimming in the ocean, laughing, dancing, singing.  There was no thing you could have given me, all I wanted was time.  And yet, when it comes to gift giving we often think the bigger the better, the more the merrier.  Hey, I have nothing against gifts.  I love finding the perfect gift and watching the smile on your face when you open it.  In fact, I spent the last three hours wrapping gifts.  I'm just saying that gifts don't replace the moments. Time really is priceless.  When it comes to those I love, I would take their presence over their presents any day.

Are you stressed out? overextended? too much to do with too little time?  If that's the case, could I encourage you to pause.  Consider how this Christmas season you can create a new tradition.  A tradition of giving time and presence, of creating memories and meaning.  Enjoy the season:  worship fully, spend less, give more, love all.   May His peace and presence surround you today and always.

With Love,


  1. Thank you Kim! Thank God for using you to bless me and others <3 Mele Kalilmaka!!!

  2. Beautiful Kim ! I needed to hear that! I love what you said about wanting moments not things