Sunday, December 11, 2011


I am at a crossroad.

And I have been quiet

on purpose.

Because like with most crossroads, there are lessons to be learned - stretching, pulling, tugging, molding - a preparation of sorts.

And I'm beginning to think that what happens at the crossroad might be just as important as the road we take.  Because something happens at that crossroad, if we let it, if we listen:  life-changing, life-giving.

Through this blog, I have chosen to be honest, to share struggle and triumph, pain and joy. But there have been times, times when I have tried to write, needed to write, but the blinking cursor cautioned me to stop, wait, examine, be quiet.  It always amazes me what happens in those moments:  clarity, peace, vision, healing, humility, wisdom.  

And now, I am ready.  Ready for whatever lies ahead.

Ready to


once again.


  1. The final scene from Cast Away popped in my head. Tom Hanks at a cross road where all directions give no clue to its destination. God speed!

  2. It can be so difficult to trust the silence. To go within. I too have missed your posts Kim and hope you are ok.