Friday, November 30, 2012


This is the first year we're doing a fall/winter garden.  I just love learning about what plants are able to withstand the cold, the lack of sunshine and the months of pouring rain.  My husband recently explained to me the concept of overwintering.  Basically some plants are able to wait out the winter season.  It's almost like they go into hibernation.  When the spring comes, many of these plants will begin to flower and flourish.

Imagine that.  These plants that are made to survive the harsh conditions of the season, thrive even in the dark - even in the cold where nothing grows.


Sometimes it appears as strength.

Other times, patience.

Love going out for some fresh kale for my morning green smoothie.

Broccoli is beautiful...

Still going strong.

The last of the fall colors popping through in the background.

Growth is always good.

Wishing you a season full of quiet strength, resilience and growth.


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