Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Love

When I was five months pregnant with my oldest daughter I went to Seattle for a work training.  While I was there I got a call from my doctor's office back home saying that the results of my quad screen came back showing my baby had a "high likelihood for down's syndrome".  I would have to see a genetic counselor and have more tests done as soon as I got back home.  I hung up the phone and cried the most painful cry. I was devastated. Amazingly enough, my husband had flown in that day to visit me before heading off to a conference on the east coast.  He was with some friends when I got the call so when I told him he needed to get back to the hotel right away he knew something was wrong.

I sat on my hotel bed, waiting for my husband, holding my belly. I thought about all the what ifs.  My heart raced but I felt weak.  When he finally arrived I was out of tears and completely drained.  I didn't know what he was going to say or what I needed to hear. I did most of the talking.  I explained what the doctor said and what steps we needed to take from there. He was quiet. I shared my what ifs and my fears. He listened. When I finally asked him what he was thinking he responded:  We have enough love for this.

I was speechless.  He couldn't have said more beautiful words.  My heart stopped racing, my mind stopped spinning.  No matter what was about to happen, we would have enough love for it.  Four months later I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Here we are, almost four years later, with two beautiful, healthy daughters. We don't take a moment of them for granted.  They are my most precious gifts and I am so thankful they have a father that loves and adores them.

This year our family has experienced indescribable joy as well as incredible pain. Through it all, there is one thing that still rings true:  We have enough love for this too.

Happy Father's Day to the man who has held my hand through it all.



  1. We had that same conversation with a genetics counselor, so did a few other friends. I feel like it is sort of a marketing ploy, makes me upset to think of all the emotional distress they put expecting parents through. Good to know you have a great husband. I hear the men that graduated in 1994 from Kaiser all turned out pretty fantastic... ;)

  2. Hi, Kim!

    I'm friends with Alex Kauhini and she told me about your blog. I prayed for you today.

    Your husband sounds like a very wise man. I'm glad you have him on your team.

    Much love,


  3. Hi Amy,

    Nice to meet you :) Thank you for reading...and praying. And yes, he's good to have on my team. I think I'll keep him.


  4. hi kim! i don't know how i missed this one. i'm glad i decided to go back and view these. jed's words just made me tear again. he's the best yeah?!?! when we went for our screening with jake, they said the same thing. and that i'd have to do 1 more test, and it was in the clear. :) so blessed that we both got 2 each!!! :) love you plenty! mich

  5. Extraordinary and unconditional love...there's nothing better. Thanks for keeping my heart full and thankful with your stories and your truths. You're absolutely is our Jed!

  6. The most perfect thing he could have said. I love it.